How To Throw A Sophisticated Bachelorette Party – Ohhh Canada Event

I love my job. I do. I had so much fun working with Charming Media‘s client Ohhh Canada on an amazing event last week in which we re-imagined the bachelorette party.

With my own bachelorette party right around the corner (End of September), this has actually been a big item on my mind lately. I’m not really into the whole “let’s wear pink boas and tacky tees and hit up the bars” scene. I envisioned something a little more my style. Good wine, fun friends and, of course, something to do with sex. But what? No strippers, please. I am not a fan of male strippers.

Ohhh Canada’s CEO, Katrina McKay had the brilliant idea of showing our media friends how to throw a sophisticated bachelorette party for your bride to be pal. This included a beautiful venue, champagne on ice, a stunning candy bar, a demonstration of the latest and most innovative and chic sex toys and Katrina’s highly acclaimed and as-featured in Elle Canada magazine Dirty Talk Work Shop and some models showing off the sexiest lingerie!

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Looks fun right? That’s because it WAS! We had so much fun and Katrina is amazing with her Dirty Talk Workshop! I have actually hired her to run her workshop with me and my bridesmaids-to-be at my own upcoming bachelorette! In terms of sex toys, Ohhh Canada already suited me out pretty good as well. Remember my long ago stated love of the We-Vibe? A few years ago, I received the amazing We-Vibe 3, the outstanding couples vibrator.

I was rather pleasantly surprised to learn that, although I could not conceive it, there was in fact room for improvement in this godsend. Ohhh Canada hooked me up with the 3’s new and improved We-Vibe 4.

760x435It’s pretty and pink and very discreet. You can tuck it away in this charging station and no one would even know what it was unless they actually knew what it was.

I have to say, it is a BIG improvement from the 3. Smaller which means it is more comfortable for couple use and somehow has way more power and more settings to choose from. At $150, it may seem like a costly product, but when you consider what it is actually being used for, you will definitely find that it is WORTH the investment. Pick it up at OhhhCanada!

Also, I need to mention my shoes. I wore these stunners from Anne B. for Le Chateau – > made in Italy and gorgeous! Very comfy too!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.42.42 AM


So how do you throw the perfect bachelorette? Notable wrote this piece from the event with Katrina’s five tips on how to do it right! Check it out here!

In case you need some direction as to how bad the standard bachelorette party can be, check out this Amy Schumer’s video.



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