No More Macarons Please

The dialogue surrounding fashion blogging has always been varied, opinionated, passionate and diverse. And while brands continue to benefit from the reach of fashion influencers and tastemakers, I believe that it is fair to say that it was the unsuspecting macaron that has benefited the most from the social media phenomenon of fashion blogging.

I often wonder if I am the only one sick of it.

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The characteristics of the macaron are reflective of those of a high-priced fashion commodity; they are colourful, indulgent, expensive, pretty to look at, though wildly impractical. They will not stave off hunger and the consumption will likely result in a feeling of imminent joy followed by swift, remorseful guilt. How many calories did I consume in two bites? How many thousands of dollars did I just spend on a quilted piece of leather and chain with a double C emblem, a sufficient chunk of change that could have easily been put towards the downpayment of a house?

Thus the relation of the macaron to the high fashion commodity are on par. Both are wistful, beautiful, unattainable. Much like the fashion bloggers we follow who are sponsored by major brands and flown all over the world for collaborations and shows, most are skinny and gorgeous and want us to believe they are able to maintain this model-esque aesthetic while stuffing their faces non-stop with high calorie macarons (and some can!).

It’s not the topic of taking images of food that most likely was not consumed which bothers me so. For social commentary on that, follow the YouDidNotEatThat Instagram account. I don’t really care if people are pretending to eat. That’s on them and it is on the people who are following them to ensure they are secure enough to know what’s most likely going on. There is a false economy being created in those images and it involves couture combined with high calorie treats and its something that I don’t even care to elaborate on.

No. It’s the frivolity of it all that is starting to get to me. In a world where planes are being shot down from the skies and civilians are dying on a daily basis in wars that most of us can’t even begin to relate to, I am becoming increasingly frustrated every time I see an intelligent friend of mine pose with a macaron.

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Now, I know people will say the world needs a break from reality. It is not healthy for people to allow themselves to be so consumed with the dire situations of the world. True. But do we need to be so far removed that we are walking the line of pure idiocy? Building dream worlds of fashion and food are fun but I know better. And I know that these people do to. I know that the majority of the people behind these photos are smart, intelligent people. And posing with a macaron more than once makes me upset that they are dumbing themselves down to appease the masses.

A macaron shot is not challenging your audience. It is making them dumb and fat.

And I could be wrong. As I said, these fashion bloggers know their audiences and if images with macarons makes their audiences giddy with joy, then the fault is not with the blogger but with the masses and this conversation can be altered and applied to various degrees of society, i.e. laugh-box sitcoms, America Has Talent, whatever.

My concern is much like that of a feminist who is sad her friends feel the need to show their cleavage and play dumb to get a man, especially when she knows they are smart and capable of better. I know the people in my social circles are capable of creating proper influential content.  They influence me every day. The world of fashion and beauty blogging is vital and strong and needs to be nourished so that we can all continue to benefit from it, PR people, brands and bloggers. And longevity in blogging will come from content and not trends of fluff.

So in short – Stop. Move away from the macaron.

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