Do 30 Day Fitness Challenges Really Work?

In the past 30 days, I have done 3295 squats.

The-30-Day-Squat-Challenge-Workout-ProgramI saw someone post the following 30 Day Squat Challenge on Instagram and it really intrigued me. I am pretty ok with my figure, but with my beach wedding a mere 10 months away and my metabolism slowly heading to hell  due to age and my blatant refusal to cut chicken wings and wine out of my life, I have decided to make an strong effort each month leading up to the wedding date to improve my body so its appearance is the last thing I worry about when I am on a beach with all my friends.

As I said, I have a decent enough figure. I can’t complain. But it can be improved. My areas of concern are my thighs and butt.



While I have always been hard on myself, and perhaps a little too much so, I want to feel comfortable with myself. So, the challenge was accepted.

Facebook Status Day 2:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.47.59 PM


Holy. Crap. 50 squats day one. 55 day two. My legs and thighs were screaming. Like SCREAMING. But I persevered. I did. I dreaded it everyday. Also the squat challenge is not for everyone. Unless you have perfect form, it can really do something painful to  your knees. It didn’t bother my knees too much but can see how it would for those who have had knee problems in the past.

Apparently, you can burn up to 70 calories in the short period of time it takes to do the squats. Those calories can really add up over 30 days.

I was working out as well during this time but the regular cardio wasn’t giving me the targeted results I wanted. I found that adding the squats to my work out routine was really a big boost, both in calories burned and thighs and butt fat burn.

While weeks 1 to 3 were really tough, the final week was not so bad, even though the squat count was increasing daily. I finished my last 250 without any stress at all.

The result, my butt is definitely smaller, saddlebags reduced and I’m feeling more confident and sexy in my jeans and pants. I didn’t measure but wish I had because I can really see and feel the results and believe I lost inches.

Does my butt look like Beyonce’s? No. But I can see the results and am happy with them!

Next week, I’m starting the 30 Day Ab Challenge and will take some before and after shots!


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  • Carly-Anne

    Ok. I guess I should get on the 30 day challenge bandwagon. Especially if it works!

  • Justin Baisden

    Like you, I saw 30 day Squat Challenge on IG. I picked it up 3 days ago and it’s been… interesting. I prefer lifting weights so doing a body weight exercise has thrown me a bit out of wack. I’m hopeful to see some results at the end of the challenge. Congrats to you on completing it Val.

  • skinny_dip

    You rock! Now you’ve inspired me to do the same :)

  • ValTorontoGal

    Worked for me! Everyone is different but I think that any targeted, repeated activity is bound to have some sort of results!

  • ValTorontoGal

    Do it! But you are so tiny already :)

  • ValTorontoGal

    Thanks Justin! I think it’s all based on what is important to you to target. For me, the squats targeted the exact spots on my body I wanted to. I am interesting in the ab challenge as well. I think I will keep these up :) Good luck on yours!

  • skinny_dip

    Aw, thanks! I’m not really looking to lose weight, just firm up and build more muscle. I’d also totally be into an ab challenge. I find my metabolism has completely slowed down since I turned 32!

  • Vanessa

    Great job on the success! I’ve been complaining about my once-tight bum and thighs lately, I think I might join you in these challenges…

  • Patricia Silva

    Hi !
    I’m exactly at the same point: 30 day squat challenge finished and now, starting 30 day abs challenge !

    We keep strong 😉