Charming Holidays – The Parties, The Dress and The Booze

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! After a crazy 2013, these final 5 days until Christmas are kind of magical to me. Most of our work is completed until the new year, stories are out, clients are on vacay, etc. I can work from home, stay snuggled in bed just a little longer and linger over my limited work responsibilities with delicious coffee in hand and Rogers on Demand in the background.

It’s also the first year that Brody and I are living together in the same city at Christmas since 2008. And it’s the first year that we are living together, in the same apartment.

That means, we actually have Christmas parties to go to together. Well, one, really. His company party at Diageo which was outstanding. But first thing was first. I needed a dress.

Toronto boutique, Poor Little Rich Girl , one of my favs in the city, offered to lend me a dress for the evening.


It’s a fabulous place with lots of choices and super stylish items.

IMG_4657I muddled over this boobylicious one for a while. I had NO idea what to expect at a Diageo holiday party. I was expecting 20 year old hotties in bandage dresses and spiked heels and let’s be honest, I’ve landed my man I don’t need that stuff but still don’t wanna look frumpy.

IMG_4651But no, that was way too boobyish. I settled on this little number which got great response from the man.


And away we went. The party was amazing and not a bandage dress in sight. Very stylish, corporate and boozy. There was even a booze luge.




Brody looks so Warhol-esque here.

The next day was the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto’s Christmas party for the kids and families which is always one of my most favourite events of the year. I met Santa!
IMG_4721Jackson Triggs sent me along 12 bottles of their delicious bubbly, Entourage, which has definitely added  to the holiday spirit around here. I opened the first bottle when celebrating a big work win. Oscar was there of course.


Brody and I opened a bottle before the Diageo party and have had a few bubbly nights over the past few weeks. Last weekend we went to Ottawa to celebrate the holidays with a massive potluck dinner with about 20 of our closest friends. Jackson-Triggs Entourage was the perfect way to toast with all of our friends. We opened the bottles before dinner and they were gobbled right up. It’s a good bubbly that guys and gals can both enjoy. I like it because its not too sweet at all and is great before OR after a meal. If you are thinking of something sparkly for holiday dinners or New Year’s Eve, I recommend this for sure.

photo (7)


I saved two bottles for Christmas Eve dinner with the fam :)


So that’s it, that’s all from me for now. Probably signing off for some much needed R&R. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading along this year. It’s been a crazy ride. Hope everyone has a most Charming holiday.


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