It’s Monday and I’m Ready to Work Bitch

Great, now I’m a stupid Britney fan.

Her new tune leaked a day early, blah blah. Whatever. It’s called Work Bitch and it’s already on my iPod and my new Monday morning anthem.

Ya, it’s horrible. It’s a tacky, tinny canned pop tune but whatever, maybe I’m just more easily amused these days. Also, if we’re reverting back to honest Val ways, I went  through a bit of a slum last month after returning from Turkey, one that looked a little like “great my career has peaked, I’m pretty sure that was that, it’s been a great run, not too sure where to go from here, also, I suck at sticking to diets and losing weight and so maybe I should just order some Swiss Chalet and call it a bloody day, mmmm Swiss Chalet….” things have kind of sort of turned on a dime in the last 2 weeks. There have been some incredible and exciting new changes, accounts and more happening on the old work front (more to come soon….), as well as another press trip to Turkey in the works :) :) :) with crazy twists and awesomeness and suddenly, life is exciting again and I’m ready to Work Bitch!

Also, Oakley will be sending the fall workout gear  my way soon (still reeling over the summer haul)  so that kinda makes me excited to put the Swiss Chalet takeout menus away, because Oakley girls do not cry over roasted quarter chicken dinners)

Also, how tacky is it that Britney’s slamming new bod is motivating me? We all know the girl has seen her own roasted chicken days too, so ya. Granted, everyone looks better with professionally applied self-tanner, 9 inch heals and an Instagram filter, but I’m big enough to give credit where it’s due.

Alright, time to get to Work Bitch.

Happy Monday XOXOOX


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  • Lena Almeida

    Your post made my laugh out loud this morning. So funny, because I succumbed to a roasted chicken dinner last night, and I really need to quit that to a tune of 10 lbs too many.

  • Alexa Clark

    After reading your post I may have to hook myself up with that tune. It’s been a little slumpy around here too.

  • Anonymous

    We all need a little Britney now and then :)

  • Anonymous

    It is the ultimate comfort food, especially when you can convince yourself that it is kinda sort of healthy!

  • Justin Baisden

    I can’t get into Swiss Chalet anymore. It used to be a staple in my office but their prices have gradually increased while their portions have dwindled. It’s all about Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken now.

    Glad to hear new opportunities are coming your way.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I noticed that when our takeout bill came to over 50 bucks the other day! What the HECK!

  • Myra Rehman

    Ohhhh my goshhh! i want to be on that awesome trip to turkey!like… HIRE ME! 😀

  • Teena in Toronto

    I still haven’t heard her song yet.