#FiestaMoments – Weddings, Road Trips and Fun

When I think about the main reason I need a car these days, the majority of the time, it’s because I need to do quick 2 day weekend runs to Ottawa because one of my 100 engaged friends is getting married.

On September 14th, we had not one but two weddings to attend. TWO weddings! Instead of piling our life (tux for him, dresses for me) onto the train, we decided to drive. It’s better to have a car when we go there because Brody has his friends, I have my friends and we need to zip around the city to see everyone as well. Ford dropped off the new Fiesta for me to take on the road to make like a little easier.

The Fiesta is compact and perfect for a quick weekend getaway. Plus it matched my dress.

We piled everything into the trunk (our 2 day luggage fit perfectly)

And off we went! Oscar came too of course. Although the Fiesta has ample room for a pup passenger, he sat where he usually does. Brody gave the car a whirl (not just a chick car, fellas). He liked it!

We arrived to Ottawa late Friday. I took the Fiesta for a Starbucks run Saturday morning, then took my Nonna grocery shopping so she could make me meatloaf.


Then it was wedding time. I got all dolled up and headed to wedding number one, my good friend Karyn’s. She looked beautiful and I got to see all my friends since Kindergarten and grade 1. We are so lucky, there is no friendships in the world like ours!

After dinner and a dance, I went and met Brody at wedding number two. Needless to say, it was a fun night and someone fell asleep in part of his tux.

After a good sleep and a greasy breakfast, we hopped back into the Fiesta and were home in time for Breaking Bad.

My review? The Fiesta is the perfect quick roadtrip car. Great on gas, lots of pep and enough room for what you need!


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