Learn to Love Your Face….It’s the Only One You Have

I, like every girl who isn’t a Victoria Secret model, have issues with my face. I don’t like seeing myself in videos, I only like the way my face looks sometimes in pictures. It’s my too-big nose and pores that really get me. I don’t know. I always just thought it would be prettier. I have ALWAYS considered getting a nose job. But I don’t have the guts, not to mention the funds to invest in something that will bring little return on investment (that’s the business lady in me). I already have the guy of my dreams and at 31 and 5 feet 3 inches, I think I’ve missed any chances of cashing in on those super model/ultra famous actress dreams I had when I was 11. Also, at 31, I am starting to think that those lives aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Except for Giselle’s life. Giselle and Tom are untouchable in their perfection, I admit.


Anyways, I’m off the point. I’ve learned at this age, if you can’t change your face (or at least aren’t willing to pay to change it), then you should really care for it. While I won’t spend the money on Botox and plastic surgery, I WILL make the room in my budget to care for it with the best skin care products possible. This isn’t a selling piece but I will tell you what they are so you can do your own research.

Arbonne: I use the daily face wash religiously, as well as the night cream. Plus my Arbonne lady, Natalie is amazing. She invites me over for facials and wine and hooks me up with sweet treatments and gifts. Look at how beaming and happy we are! PS let me know if you want me to put you in touch. She is the best.

Clarisonic – Yes, just yes. Here is my full review. It IS worth it. So is the OPAL which I use EVERYDAY and am obsessed with.

GRATiAE  - Yes, they are a client and I am SOOOOOO glad they are because my skin yearns for this stuff. It’s luxurious and “organic perfected by science” meaning you aren’t putting a bunch of toxins in your body. It’s like they made a pact with the devil because no skin cream should absorb so beautifully as this. I use the eye and face serums, as well as the body butter EVERYDAY!  


Anyways, just thought I would throw those tidbits in. It’s funny. I was at an event last week and asked Brody to take my photo so I could share that I was at this event. He took this photo and I thought it was horrible. He argued with me and I was like fine whatever, I’ll put it up. Look at the comments it got.

Our perceptions of ourselves are usually very wrong.

Love yourself and put your best face forward this weekend xo

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  • http://www.spiffykerms.com Nancy

    I wonder if my cousin Natalie (Lodge) is your Arbonne contact!? She’s in Toronto and I *just* learned about that company through her not too long ago. If so – holy small world!?