Review: Essie Summer 2013: Naughty Nautical

I could be having the worst day ever and if a package from Essie arrives, I am immediately cheered. True story. I’m a sucker for pretty, charming colours, especially when they come in lovely collections.

I never used to be much of a nail polish person until I started actively reviewing this brand and now, I look forward to checking out the new collection with each season change. As with the other collections I have received, the latest summer colours, Naughty Nautical, certainly do not disappoint.

This summer’s collection is all about “sailing into summer chic”. With the weather we’ve been having lately, it certainly has not been a smooth sail into summer. That’s why, when I received the collection, the first colour I was attracted to was the lime/avocado shade, The More the Merrier.

I paired it with my coral blazer from Minling Pan Studio (#client) and I loved the way the two colours went together.

Another favorite combo was the Naughty Nautical blue shade on my fingers with Sunday Funday on my toes. I think Sunday Funday is my favorite of them all. It’s gorgeous and bright and cheerful.

I wish I was better at painting my nails. Deal with it please. You can see the other colour in the corners. It’s because I wanted to review them all for you.

Rock the Boat is a gorgeous blue, very similar to my favorite shade from last summer, Bikini So Teeny. Rock the Boat has more shimmer to it though.

Get the Girls Out is another gorgeous, playful shade, perfect for the toes or nails.

Charming, yes? What is your favorite shade?

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  • ♥ Donna Vitan

    I thought the Naughty Nautical would be more bright and neon. Slightly disappointed, but the search continues.

  • Anja Skrba

    Actually, these colors are great for this Spring, wouldn’t you think so?