Friday Reflections: I’ll Never See The Point of Being a Dick

No matter how many blog hits I get, followers on Twitter I have or personal business success I achieve, I know one thing for certain:

I will never see the point of being a dick. 

Little people are more determined to become big people. Don’t ever forget that.

I’d really like to say more, but due to the nature of my current occupation, I really shouldn’t. So if you’re reading this, take it and apply it to however you live your life, no matter what your position is. You aren’t better than anyone and people who look down on others just look ridiculous. Especially if your entitlement is completely unfounded or granted by a position that will most likely be a short-lived one. There will always be someone younger, cuter, wittier, hotter and more intelligent who could replace you one day.

Nothing is more alarming than seeing people who once were someone slowly become no one, and because they treated people badly when they were someone, no one cares now that they’re no one.

Smile, be gracious, be kind. Take compliments with humility. Take success with even more humility. And remember where you came from.

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  • Friendly Neighbourhood Bitch

    God. It’s times like these that you are absolutely insufferable, Val. Well, at least you’ve become so lately. Your pseudo-wisdom, passive aggressive “I’m calling people out, but actually I’m not” is so utterly tiresome and banal. The one thing you could do, however, is apply these words of wisdom to your own life and stop posting about your garbage beefs that must remain anonymous. Hah. Like, remember your perceived drama at the TIFF party last year? LOL. That shit still makes me laugh because you sound like a fucking whiny child. The difference between you and “these people” is that they’re not afraid to call shit and people out like it is, and they don’t blow smoke up no one’s ass. If someone’s being a dickhole, SAY IT. And, most importantly, remember that the ‘real people’ don’t take any of this scene/industry shit seriously because WE LIVE IN A GAME, both on and offline. If you’re upset someone didn’t talk to you at a party, or was being “mean” (yawn), then go the fuck back to whatever suburb you came from. Is this fucking high school? Fuck no. The one thing you could stand to learn and ‘blog’ about, however, is how not to post stupid status updates about how, yet again, someone’s doing wrong (to you, to no one) and how you remain the angel, the moral barometer of how to act, the picture of congeniality. People act differently than you, deal with it on your own or deal with them, but don’t drag these babble as if you’re breaking new ground in human communication. So, again: Own. Your. Shit. I’ll never see the point of posting empty “reflections” like this, but that’s sad little girls for you! And read this, it’s an e-mail someone should have sent you a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect example of what I wrote :)

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s my blog and I can write what I please here!

    Happy Friday, darling xo

  • Anonymous

    Also, my love, talk about passive agressive and OWNING ONE’S SHIT, why the anonymous name???

  • Anum Khan

    Smile, be gracious, be kind. Amen to that!

    Have a lovely weekend Val!

  • Anum Khan

    Smile, be gracious, be kind. Amen to that!

    Have a lovely weekend Val. xo!

  • Justin Baisden

    Did you just write a novel on owning your shit while leaving an anonymous name? LOL that’s sad on so many levels. You got beef with what Val writes on HER OWN BLOG then write your own shit and OWN IT behind the name that links nowhere.

    Stay free to your own bitterness kid.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? It’s like my version of a bag flying in the wind ala American Beauty

  • Anonymous

    Hey darling, would love to grab a coffee with you sometime and open your eyes to real life. Let me know if you’re up to owning your own shit and not being anonymous and having a discussion. Chances are, we’ve spoken in person and I’ve been nothing but nice to you :) Also, feel free to check out this post. You think I’m from precious suburbia? Think again

  • just saying…

    responding four times…and all the “my love” and “darling” stuff was pretty passive aggressive, I’m sure you’re a lovely person and I admire the success you’re carving out for yourself, and the work you do on behalf of downs syndrome — but I think you need to keep your business, business…these types of posts aren’t professional…or mature. If you want a blog where you can vent and write veiled digs at people who are being “dicks” go do that on tumblr or something and keep this one about your work.

  • Anonymous

    Appreciate your input, Just Saying and your comments on my passive aggressiveness. Also, what’s your name?

    This blog has been online for 4 years. Business is business, my blog is my blog.

    If you want to discuss more, again, feel free to email me at either or at my business account

  • Everyone

    I have rarely seen such accurate description of Val. The suburb she came from does not want her back, she is your problem now.

  • Anonymous

    How often do you see descriptions of me? And if you are so happy I left, why are you following up on my actions since I’ve been gone by reading my blog? You must miss me. Or suburbia must be killing you with mediocrity and boredom that you have to read about someone you hate and make anonymous comments to make yourself feel cooooooool.

    I’ll see you at the Centrum next time I’m there. Which hot spot is your lively suburban favorite place to hang? Moxies? O’Connors? Seems FUN! Have a great weekend!

  • Leanne

    “Warm greetings! My name is Leanne and I’m a volunteer with METRAC, an award-winning Toronto charity that prevents violence against diverse women and youth. I wanted to let you know about an exciting campaign happening in May called the May Be Me campaign. On May 1, 2013, the second annual May Be Me Campaign ( kicked off to raise awareness about violence against women and youth and raise funds to support prevention efforts. Violence can take away the freedom to express and truly be yourself. May Be Me does the opposite. It encourages people to express themselves in purple on May Be Me Day (May 31), and raise awareness and funds amongst people they know. It breaks the silence that violence creates and builds the movement of people who want to stop violence before it starts. Proceeds of the campaign will support METRAC’s prevention work and into the future, the campaign will branch out to benefit other charities that do prevention programming.

    As a leading voice in Toronto social media, we would love to work with you to raise awareness on this campaign! Here are some ideas: – I love how you post your personal reflections in your charity and culture sections. Would you be interested in posting images or your personal reflections regarding violence against women? Or posting our May Be Me celebration night? How about posting your purple finds in the Beauty and Fashion section!

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