Life is Better When We Work Together

Friday Reflection:

I don’t feel like getting too much into it with a full back story. I just feel like I need to say this.

I know people have been talking about me, saying not-so-nice things. I think the people who hate me are really scary. But mostly, I think they must just be scared if they hate me for doing, what appears to be, a good job.

I did not take PR 101 at Humber. But I’m learning as I go along, and as long as I’m learning, well, I’ll always be growing and getting better and better.

In the past couple months, so many incredible people have come forth to me as supportive. Even those who I’ve had altercations with in the past seem to be on my side. This means when they need me, I will be right there standing behind them too.

Thank you to everyone who was there for me last night and who have continually been there for me from the start. Thank you to those who have decided to let bygones be bygones and thank you to those who are happy for me. I’m could  literally cry from it. It’s just so lovely to see people happy for other people.

I’m not going into this with my elbows out and I refuse to let others try to play that way with me.

Life is just so much better when we all work together. Love you xoox


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  • Maria Aguilar

    I have no idea what’s going on, but from reading this blog, I think you are handling this in the most perfect way. You are truly a class act, Val! And congrats on all your success!! 2013 is just starting and you’re already killing it!

  • Carol T Gomez

    I agree with, Maria, Val. This post solidified it. I think it’s also a great closure for you so you can move on and continue doing what you do best. I think people will always have something to say when it comes to others, especially if they are not happy with where they currently are. I don’t know you well, but from what I can say is that you work your butt off and you are passionate about your work and your clients. Keep it up! Cheers!

  • Anum Khan

    Agree with Carol and Maria! Haters gonna hate. You gotta remember that you are doing is for you, not them and you’re doing it really, really well…. screw the others. :)

    xoxo! Always here for you girl.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah no clue what’s going on either but I’m amazed at all you’ve accomplished! I was sooo upset I couldn’t make it last night, really wanted to come out and support you but seems like you have a lot of great supporters out there anyway :)

    As an aside that picture of you with the knit scarf….sooo cute! :)

  • Ashley Gibson

    Agree with the previous commenters – so proud of all you’re doing / accomplishing / learning / pursuing

    AAAANNNNDDDD you’re also adorable in that scarf.

  • Dainty Girl

    Another great post Val! Glad you wrote this and I’m glad it helped you feel better. You are an incredible person, doing fabulous things and most importantly – you’re working hard for your clients and staying true to yourself in the process. At the end of the day, nothing else matters. I have to remind myself of this constantly, but talking to supportive people like you always helps :)

    Congrats again on a great event last night!


    seriously, your honesty is one (of many) reasons I think you’re a real trail blazer. xo

  • Casey E. Palmer


    Just gotta brush that dirt off your shoulders, yo. This city’s such a small pool that there’s really nothing to gain if everyone’s butting heads with each other. Hopefully whoever’s sipping on that Haterade can stop and everything can get back to equilibrium again :)

    You do you, Val. You do you.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are all going to make me cry. I love you

  • Natasa

    I’m with you 100000% – people who can’t be happy for other people are spiteful asshats. Most likely they are very unhappy individuals themselves who take it out on others but I like the word asshats just the same :)