What To Expect From A Cleanse

I tried a cleanse a little while ago and I was really stupid with it. It clearly wasn’t a good time for me to be doing one. First, I overshot myself and tried to do it for six days. The first three days were raw foods and I hated it. I was hungry all the time. The last three days were juices, which I found much easier because you had so many to drink throughout the day and they keep you full. But, I only made it through five days because I was scheduled for a wine tour on the sixth, a day which started with a breakfast from McDonalds (extra hash browns) and ended with my head in the toilet.

You cannot come off of a cleanse like that.

I put up my Dawn of a New Val post last week explaining that now with my man gone, it is time to get myself back on track in several areas of my life, including my health and Raw Juice Guru kindly offered to help jumpstart me in my goal.

First, let’s back up a bit. How badly did I need a cleanse? I’ve been drinking more than my fair share the past week, both out of boredom and sadness with Brody gone. I have also not been eating very well the past six months and have been relying heavily on caffeine. So yes, I needed this. I went with a three day cleanse, which I really think is the perfect amount of time. Anything longer and you are just so ready to go the opposite way when you are done the cleanse that you end up eating and drinking just as poorly as before.

I started on Monday. Whatever you do, if you want to be successful in your cleanse, DON’T START ON MONDAY.  Mondays are the worst days and the body needs comforts like huge coffees and sugary muffins.

On the first day or two, you can expect headaches, irritability, exhaustion and frequently going to the bathroom. I felt really groggy and found it extremely difficult to concentrate on work, which is why I think cleansing on the weekends is best. Being productive this week has been a hard struggle. However, that said, today I’m feeling amazing, alive, positive and FULL of wonderful energy. So it’s a good trade off.

“The universe has a bigger purpose for you than you can possibly imagine! Keep your soul open to the opportunities it presents and trust in the process” The Raw Juice Guru.

On Sunday I was feeling pretty miserable and negative. While I know I am missing Brody, my moods are definitely not helped by over drinking and treating my body like a garbage disposal. After my cleanse, I feel like I have my positivity back and a clearer mind. I have also lost the booze/salt bloat that was hiding my muscles and I can see my stomach again which is motivating.

So yes, cleanses are hard but I think they are a very good way to get you motivated to reach all your goals, be them fitness, health, professional or life. You feel proud of yourself for accomplishing something and that is the best motivator of all!

For more information on the Raw Juice Guru, check out their website www.rawjuiceguru.com.

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