Beautylicious, She’s Connected, Samsung NX1000, Fashion Week and more

Saturday was an amaaaazing Toronto day.

At 9am ,I headed to Rafaello Salon in Yorkville to receive my colour and cut Beautylicious package. Beautylicious is an event that runs from October 25th-November 4th. You can select from a range of prix fixe packages from a variety of salons and spas.

I decided that I wanted a change and asked my stylist, Chris (amazing btw) what he thought about bangs. He was great and showed me a bundle of different pics and we decided on which style may suit me. I was really nervous because I haven’t had bangs since I was ten but am pretty happy with how they turned out.

After that I headed to Jean Machine to check out their new arrivals which you can see here . I took home a new pair of yoga jeans cause they are just too amazing for life. Jeans are not supposed to be so comfortable and flattering. I also grabbed this gorge Guess sweater.

After this stop  I went over to the National Women’s Show to check out my new client’s booth, Minling Pan Studio. The booth looked awesome!

After that I popped over to the She’s Connected Conference. I guess Friday was the big day because it was pretty empty when I was there.

I didn’t stay too long. Next year I’ll go on the first day. I did pick up this sweet book though. I love Gail Vaz-Oxlade and I’m interested in anything to do with becoming a woman of independent means.

After a day out on the town, I picked up a bottle of wine and sat down with a bundle of products to test out including the Essie Winter Collection, a Maskeraide face mask and of course the new NX1000 that Samsung sent me to capture Fashion Week.

The new camera is amazing. Brody was ultra crushed that they sent pink because he won’t be able to borrow it. I think he was more excited about the new camera than I was. I think it’s super cute. It fits in my hand, has an external flash, WiFi capabilities, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t get how to use yet, but hopefully it won’t be too difficult to learn.

Great weekend! Can’t wait for this week with Fashion Week and a quick trip to Montreal on Thursday to cover the Stella Artois World Draught Master Competition.


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  • Vanessa Grillone

    That camera is amazing! So cute!