The Starbucks Everyday Campaign

Take Your Pleasures Where You Can Find Them 

So last week, the lovely people at Starbucks asked if I’d like a coffee delivered to my office everyday for a week. Well duh, who wouldn’t like that? Of course I said yes, because I love coffee and when else would I ever have this opportunity?

The first day it was cool and a neat little novelty. The second day was like, ya, this is still pretty good. Look how cute my barista Sarah is!

Then last night I was kind of feeling a bit weird about it. Why is Starbucks doing this for me? So I’ll tweet #sbuxeveryday and Instagram myself drinking their hot brew and plant seeds in the heads of my readers and Twitter followers?


Then I read my horoscope this morning that said:

Take your pleasures where you find them and don’t feel guilty that you are having such a great time…you need to be generous to yourself.

So ya, it is kind of weird that Starbucks wants to deliver me coffee everyday, but you know what? I work hard and rarely treat myself anymore because I’m so focused on work and career-building and growing and expanding that sometimes I can’t sleep at night and I go through these crazy highs and lows that come with being an entrepreneur and I am so totally 100% focused on keeping all my clients happy that I work ten, eleven, twelve hours a day and forget to eat properly and get fresh air.  So I decided I’m not going to feel guilty when someone wants to do something to make my day a little nicer. So thanks Starbucks and I look forward to seeing Sarah’s smiling face tomorrow :)

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  • Chase

    Oh thaws so lovely.