New Shoes from Canadian Brand, Flurries

Heard of Flurries? You have now! This Canadian footwear brand focuses on comfort and style. They sent me the following two pairs and I am in love:

I know a lot of women who have back problems and posture issues so shoe shopping is tough. It is especially hard to find ones that are both cute and good for walking or standing for long periods of time. I’ve been wearing the ones on the left around my neighbourhood and taking them to walk Oscar. They are very comfy and would be a great travel shoe!

The Flowers line has:

-Suede Lining

-Sponge layer for shock absorbtion

-Raised toe, allowing foot to grip the shoe naturally

-Arch support

-Recessed heel cup which is a deep heel cup to stabilize and support the foot, allowing for the natural eversion-inversion motion of the heel strike

-Specialized heel pad which eliminates pain and discomfort from extended periods of walking or standing

The ones on the left, the Cassandras, are actually one of my new favorite summer shoes. I wore them to the ARD party last Thursday and love em!

Check out their website here and follow them on Twitter too!

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