3 Eco-Sustainable Fashion Brands from Toronto

With Earth Day coming up on Sunday, I thought I’d tip my cap to those who make an effort to keep us both earth-conscious and looking good. The following are three brands based out of Toronto that I not only love, but commend for their eco-friendly efforts.


Miik is a lifestyle brand that only uses environmentally-friendly fabrics, such as bamboo which is “one of nature’s fastest growing renewable resources”.

Some of the benefits of clothing that uses rayon from bamboo is that it looks and wears beautifully, is extremely comfortable and if it is properly cared for, color will not fade and garments won’t lose their shape. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Miik. I have two of their dresses and I feel so sexy whenever I wear them. They fit so beautifully and the best part of this brand is that it is made to fit all shapes and sizes.

Blogging babes all wrapped in Miik!


Bazant popped into my head recently because I was on Facebook and saw that someone had posted a picture of this stunning necklace. We all know I’m a sucker for a beautiful name necklace so I did my research and found out it was none other than an eco-friendly, hand-crafted piece from Bazant.

Lara Bazant handcrafts all her sterling silver pieces, ensuring quality and fine craftsmanship. The stones used are vintage, natural and fair trade which are sourced both locally and from indigenous tribes all over the world.

The brand has been getting a ton of press lately and was even in this month’s Flare!

Check out the site for full galleries. The pieces are lovely. Oh and hush, hush but you may just seem Bazant on Charming Dealights in the future 😉

Nella Bella

And of course, Nella Bella, the makers of gorgeous, fashion forward eco-friendly handbags are a must in this list. Nella Bella employs the use of state of the art vegan materials to create trendsetting collections. I just wrote about their amazing spring line  and have been seeing little teases about their upcoming summer collection on Facebook. Stay tuned because we will be running a very exclusive promo with Nella Bella on Charming Dealights soon! Yay!

Also, have you heard of ethicalDeal?  They are a group buying site that deals only with ethical brands and products. Arlene Dickinson invested in them when they appeared on Dragon’s Den. Good for them! Check it out!

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