Melissa Nepton at Fashion Week

I only got to go to ONE show for Fashion Week. Very sad, but had to prioritize as it is very busy times with work at the moment. The good news is that the show I went to was amazing, Melissa Nepton from Montreal. It was all big cozy sweaters, huge collars and hoods. Jeanne Beker didn’t show up so I got to sit in her seat.

My favorite was this one below:

My inspiration, Arlene Dickinson was there. I so aspire to be a female Dragon when I grow up. Stacey McKenzie was there too.

I even made my first YouTube video ever! Once you watch it, you will see why I am a blogger, not a vlogger. It gets a little sideways halfway through. Also it doesn’t fit the whole screen. It’s kind of weird and creepy actually. I don’t like it. But here you go.

Anyways, good show, great times.

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