Blog Under Fire

I admit it. I have openly criticized other bloggers for things that they post, the way that they conduct themselves in the blogesphere and the general direction of their blogs. For some reason, it would really get to me the way some bloggers acted and posted. It almost consumed me for a while. Examples of some of those posts can be found here and also here.

Now while these posts are fun to read and they get people talking, I have been finding it extremely difficult to care lately about what other bloggers are doing on their sites. Unless their blogs interest me on a personal level, I don’t read them, in which case I have no reason to care about what they are doing with their website or how they are performing their roles as bloggers.

I guess I used to think there was one streamlined way people were supposed to manage their blogs. Pretty closed minded of me. I mean, rather than dwelling on the things I didn’t like that other people were doing, my energy would have always been better spent enhancing my own blog and providing more of what my readers like and what I like.

I think it is important to remember that people usually start blogs for themselves and not for the approval of other bloggers. I see way too much criticism happening in this space and I’m stepping back from it because I’m finding it to be ugly.

Do I think that everyone in Toronto runs an amazing blog? No. Should my opinion of other Toronto blogs be relevant to those respective bloggers? Nope. I also didn’t start a blog with the hope that all other bloggers would use mine as a standard. That would be a bit pretentious of me.

Things I write about:

My life
My opinion on things happening around me
Social media
Toronto events I go to or think people should know about
New businesses opening such as restaurants and stores, etc.
Products I get to try and ones that I particularly love
Books, art, movies, theater
Current events and affairs
Oscar my dog

I have never pretended to be anything else or do anything else on this blog other than the things posted above. I have managed to build a great following over the past two years and the readers who keep coming back are not complaining. If you are not interested or if you do not approve of the above things that I write about, you may kindly not read my blog :)

It’s pretty simple.

Next month, I plan on taking this site to the next level. I will be launching something that I am already bracing myself against attacks from other bloggers who may criticize me, but I will immediately take that to think that they are just upset they didn’t think of it first.

What I will be launching will be for my readers, for me and some of the amazing people and brands I have had the opportunity to work with in the past.  I am also hoping to involve several local bloggers as well because I think there are ways everyone can be involved and happy. While I am certain I will be under fire for a while, I am very excited. It’s time to amp things up a notch and I’m ready for a challenge.

Stay tuned all. I’m hoping you will continue to be charmed :)

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  • Anonymous

    Love this. I also love how you’re one of few bloggers out there who doesn’t think instagramming a photo of their shoes and hashtagging it with #socialmedia IS social media.

    Stay real and awesome. Happy Tuesday. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    I guess this was always my philosophy! I started my blog for myself and actually to interact with other bloggers and I’m still so surprised and happy wheneven I get a new reader :) If I don’t really like a blog or don’t agree with the blogger I just don’t read. Simple as that!
    Looking forward to hearing what your new project it!

  • Carly-Anne

    Can’t wait to see what you are launching :)

  • Zach

    You could have written Dear Zach at the top my dear 😛

  • Anonymous

    Well you do criticize a lot of bloggers my love. Well you have in the past, anyways, as have I. And it isn’t just you. So many people who blog say nasty things about certain bloggers; lifestyle bloggers, mommy bloggers, and people who have nothing really to say but feel the need to blog anyways. I was at a dinner last week and everyone was bashing a particular blogger for like an hour. It just gets tiresome. Why are we so worked up over other people’s sites?

    Speaking of which, your new site is great.I love the rebrand, new man.

    Oh ya, you kiss your mother with that mouth? 😉

  • Zach

    Hahaha, oh boy.

    Still a billion things to do on the site.

    And no I don’t haha.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God, you’d give her a disease.

    And it looks good. I love it

  • Sam T @ The Coffice™

    Good for you Val for taking a stand for yourself and your personal brand. That’s what you’re building here and I like that your bark and your bite are equally as sharp.

    It’s one thing to say you march to a different beat; it’s another to own the drum.

    That was 2 cliches in one blog comment…I too like to break rules.

    Anyways, good on ya and congrats on the upcoming new notch…or higher level. I’m quite certain, based on the personal brand you’ve already built, that it will be nothing short of charming.

    “May the odds be EVER in your favor”

    (Breakin’ rules and takin’ names)

  • SandyT

    I’m so excited to see what’s coming! :)

  • Ayngelina

    Although I am from Toronto and have been blogging two years I did it outside of Toronto and just returned home, now discovering the Toronto blog scene. I can tell you everyone judges in every niche – some just admit it and others pretend they don’t :)