Mad Men is Making People Mad

Good golly, people have sticks up their butts over the new Mad Men poster. Some people are saying it is insensitive and upsetting because it reminds them of 9/11. Yes, that is correct. Yawn. Could you be more boring? Obviously, none of these people have ever seen the show. Those who have will understand that the stark and eery image is bang on. In fact, the ad is so powerful and effective, it requires no copy except for the date. Everyone just knows it’s for Mad Men, pure testimony to the show’s overall themes.

Pretty awesome.

Speaking of advertising, I’m off to check out Dx3 Canada’s Digital Trade Show at the Metro Convention Center. If you get a chance, I highly recommend you swing by for some inspiration and discussion and fun!


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  • casiestewart

    Hope to see you there today sista! #dx3canada