Emotionally Attached To McNulty

Watching The Wire is like dating your ultimate dream mate. You can’t come back from it. It’s the best you will ever have.

I have a bizarre tendency to become emotionally attached to television shows. During any tough period in my life, I will develop an attachment to a drama series and cling to it for dear life, as a means of comfort and escape.

Last summer, as I was bracing myself for the end of a relationship, I discovered Mad Men. Regardless of how sad I was, I could always crawl into my bed and follow along with Don Draper and the team on Madison Avenue.

When the relationship inevitably ended, I fell into the arms of Dennis Leary and the guys of Rescue Me.

Once I vaguely pulled myself  out of my hole and moved my ass to Toronto to start a new life, I found comfort in the boozy embrace of Jimmy McNulty and the complicated drama, The Wire. After seasons 1-3, my life started to pick up, I got into the groove of things here in TO and I left the crew to fend for themselves a while in Baltimore.

But winter will always hit me hard, and I recently ran back to McNulty for seasons 4 and 5.

Finishing The Wire was a little different then the other shows. While I know Don will be back again soon, I will never get The Wire again. I feel like I have been dating an HBO program for a year now. Watching The Wire is like dating your ultimate dream mate. You can’t come back from it. It’s the best you will ever have.

In fact, I think I have actually become more intelligent watching this show. I feel I understand political and legal discourse a little better and have also developed a sympathy I did not think was possible for gang-bangers and drug lords, especially ones that look like this:

And McNulty, ahhh McNulty. Don Draper is a dream boat, Tommy Gavin is a protector, but McNulty is one hot mess that women just want to “change”. I love a cocky bastard with lots of swagger.

So, if you haven’t watched The Wire yet, please do. It is the best show ever made and one of the most interesting, insightful emotionally-charged relationships I’ve ever had.



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  • Lucas

    I would take a hit of WMD or Yellow Top for another season.

  • http://funkybarrister.blogspot.com/ Raymond M.


    Try Homicide: Life on the Streets. It was a NBC show during the 90′s about Baltimore’s Homicide Squad. Based on a non fiction book by David Simon (creator of The Wire) it’s my favourite network drama. Especially in the early seasons, it had the best acting, writing & direction.

  • http://www.imcharmingyou.com Valerie

    will do thanks for the tip!

  • Doug C

    Valerie, Doug Cudmore here; I’m the Entertainment editor at the Toronto Star. I stumbled onto your post through a friend’s Facebook page.
    Next week, we’re running a feature on shows that are worth catching up with on DVD; I wanted to know if we’d be able to republish the blog post as a sidebar to go with that. If you’re interested, please drop me a line at the above email address.

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