Nowhere Boy Screening

Tonight I will be checking out Nowhere Boy, the movie about John Lennon during his adolescence. The movie follows Lennon as he created his first band, The Quarrymen which eventually evolved into The Beatles. Thanks to She Does The City for hooking me up with the chance to see the movie early, as well as for the opportunity to enjoy a few glasses of wine beforehand while shopping the latest fall collection from Banana Republic. Not that I am really in a position to go shopping right now because I am still,  as of this moment, dressless for the Boobyball on Saturday. Egad! So many things to buy dresses for. Why can’t I wear jeans and heels to everything I go to? It would be like my signature, like how Kelly Cutrone always wears black. But I’m not famous so I won’t be able to pull that off. People will just think I’m lazy. Maybe one day I can be famous enough to dress like a bum. One day.



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  • Jaimie Lazenberry

    JOHN was a light in the world ….and still is his message will live on for those of us that keep hope in our hearts alive… That Man can have more in his heart then hate Maybe even the sole reason he is? not with us today …….Spreading love …sad that men can feel threatend to that …….forever in my heart jOHN LENNON..Thankyou