Toronto’s New Series – Lake-Shore – Audition Tapes

Toronto is going to be doing a reality show called Lake-Shore in order to find out….

“What happens when eight vibrant and volatile twenty-something Torontonians from different backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations shack up?”

We are about to find out! Not that anyone ever wanted to know what would happen in this particular scenario, but whatever. Clearly, this is going to be a gong show – will I watch it? Probably. I have met one of the people auditioning a few times and his audition tape looks like it went well.

You can vote for Salem here. He seems to have more to offer the show in terms of intellect than Dana and Easton. Are you kidding me? Really intriguing.

Dana and Easton are so going to get on that show. The weight of that crazy casino/money story should push them right in.

Then there is Robby Simpson, here:

Nuff said.



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  • Nicole Wray

    Oh my! I will for sure look out for this.