Splice Review

I must preface this review by saying that my hopes were oh so very high. I respect Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley very much as actors. I also have a crush on them both. Also, the film was shot in our very own Toronto. So, I was crestfallen at the utter stupidity of this movie. The previews were saying “The Scariest Movie of 2010”, but um, no. Not so much. It wasn’t scary at all, just borderline ridiculous. I suppose it was meant to be some kind of modern Frankenstein and lets be honest, the chick who plays the new wretch is nothing short of dynamite. Delphine Chaneac is a French model and actress and is much more attractive than Charles Ogle, who played the very first Frankenstein monster in 1910.

But beautiful people aside, the film was just silly. Comical even. I will not be a spoiler, because if you are like me, you will still go see a movie regardless of any bad review. Breakdown: Brody and Polley are hot young scientists who breech all kinds of ethical codes and create this weird bizarre creature that they take in as a child and call Dren. Dren grows up into a dangerous, hyper-sexual beast and chaos ensues. Role credits.

And just for my own personal pleasure, here is a  gratuitous picture of Adrien Brody….sigh. He’s got that whole dashing nerd thing happening. J’adore.

And for you Delphine fans, here ya go.



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