PlastiChic Watches – Charming!

I promised to share everything that I found delightful and charming and today I discovered PlastiChic Watches. The perfect way to bring a little jolt to your wardrobe, these cute watches come in 19 different colors. I picked up the violet one, but  have my eye on the turquoise and white one because I like how they look all stacked up. But I may hold off until July 1st when the new style, the Ice Cube, will be making its way to Canada (the brand started out in Italy). PlasticChic has been featured in all kinds of fashion mags and have been seen on a few trendy celebs. These bad boys can currently be bought at various boutiques throughout Toronto, and are also being sold nationally at The Boathouse. The Bay will start selling them in July as well.In addition, they come packaged in little test tubes and they are just all around a really cool product (and yes, they are for guys too). In fact, they have a wide variety of different products coming out (I got a sneak peek today!) that will look just dashing on the men folk.

And the Ice Cube! Can’t wait!



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