Blog Block

After days and days of consecutive blogging, I have hit a bit of a block. There are events coming up, there is the G20 going on and the world cup is in full gear, which means that there is a ton to discuss and write about. Maybe the paths of social media are just so congested with all this information that I fear my take on matters would be lost in the mix. I have found myself actually avoiding Twitter these past few days as the feed has just been jammed with rumors and nonsense. Knowing myself as I do, I will believe anything and retweet misinformation all over Toronto. And really, there is only so much you can say about the G20. Ya, it sucks that there are police everywhere, ya, its annoying that people are losing work days and ya, it is awful that we feel our safety is in question. But it is kind of cool that all eyes are on Toronto and we are here right now witnessing the madness. But as I said, I don’t even want to touch the topic and so I digress. For those of you who get a long weekend, enjoy it and let us regroup when the insanity has subsided.



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