A List Of Things Not To Do At Fashion Week – A List Of Things I Definitely Did

Jules Power

Jules Power

I used to write content for Kristian Ward and his marketing company, Ward & Co. During LG Fashion Week, I posted the following article on the company’s blogsite: www.kristianward.com. People seemed to enjoy this particular article so I decided to re-post it on my blog, so you can get an overview of the person you are following. Enjoy!

Today was my first day at LG Fashion Week. While I was just overly thrilled to be considered media, despite my efforts to play it cool, I came across as anything but. Here is a short list of the things you should never do when trying to fit in at LG Fashion Week:

1- Fall

Yup I fell. Not a little trip that I could easily recover from. A gigantic heel stumble which led me right in the arms of a startled volunteer. Ok…sooo I have made my entrance…YESS.

2- Be Too Friendly

While this certainly does not apply to everyone at Fashion Week, it does apply to a large portion. Not all fashionistas are terribly friendly. My friend Jessica and I tried to make conversation with a few fellow attendees who stared down their noses at us. Hmm ok. Well, that doesn’t deter me. I’m still going to be friendly to you and not be overly cool. Because I am not cool. I’m just not. See item 1.

3- Pile Up On Free Swag

Ok, can you blame me though? I mean they were just giving the stuff away! Sure I may have been tied down to my swag and gift bags, but man. Free stuff! Free designer stuff too! My favorite free things included the Preloved Cindy Slippers, and the arm warmers by Gaudet. Oh yes, and the L’Oreal lip gloss and hairspray.

4- Drink Because You Can.

In retrospect, I probably should have stayed away from the bar at 4:30 on a Monday when all I had to eat today was an english muffin. But the novelty of drinking (chugging) a white wine spritzer on a Monday afternoon and attending fashion shows was just too much for me. I indulged. I got tipsy. And I ended up slurring my words just a little bit whilst “networking” in the stands.

Despite this, I enjoyed the first day as much as a clumsy, 5’3″ girl can in a room of elegant and tall fashion people who don’t fall in their heels and can handle their liquor.

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