Life’s Good: Beer Tasting, Wine Clubbing and Toronto Spa/Patio/Shopping

What a way to celebrate the first warm weekend in a loooong while. I’ve been feeling particularly refreshed after my week in Phoenix and excitement is building for our upcoming #4DaysInDubai trip with Turkish Airlines and Le Chateau and this weekend was the icing on the cake.

I started a day early and joined Miss Jamie Leigh TO at the Biermarkt launch of their latest brew, Honkers Ale. The beer wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but I did enjoy the meal and can see how many people would very much appreciate the new brew.


Here is Jamie, obligingly smelling her palm as instructed by the brewer prior to tasting.

The menu was outstanding.


To finish, we had a dessert charcuterie which was HEAVENLY. I’ve never had anything like this.



On Friday night, my friend Alisha and I checked out iYellow Wine club’s Spring Sippers wine school event in the iYellow Wine Club cave which, just like all of iYellow’s events, was divine. Learnt a lot, met some lovely people and drank some delicious wines.




I highly recommend check out one of their classes and DEFINITELY their wine tours!

Saturday was the creme de la creme of indulgence and delight. The weather was warm and I drove with music up and windows down to Doll Face Spa for some incredibly relaxing (and very effective) Venus Freeze treatments (summer is coming!). Doll Face is my favourite place and have been known to do the best lashes in town (more on them later!)



After the spa, I had a sunny patio brunch with white wine spritzers with my gal pal Nicki from ViewTheVibe and our other pal, Adam!


How amazing it was to be able to sit outside!

The final stop of the day was awesome. Le Chateau sent everyone going on the #4DaysinDubai trip a little travel care package and a hefty gift certificate to go pick out our hot jet-setter outfits for our trip.



I got 4 gorgeous summer dresses, a new top, a cardi for the plane and some cute shoes! Will show in a different post! The whole day just made me realize that I should really cut back on my tendency to stress and worry and just enjoy life because right now, oh my goodness, is it good!

I finished up the weekend with a run, a veggie shop for the week and a cute polish job with this summer Burst Your Bubble from Trind. Is that ironic? Because I’m really liking this bubble I have happening right now and don’t want anything to burst it!


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so at peace so I’m rolling with it and am dedicated to enjoying the ride while it lasts.

Have a great week, lovelies!



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You’re Invited! Toronto’s Lou Dawgs Celebrates 5 Years on King West

One of my favourite Toronto spots to indulge in comfort food is Lou Dawgs. When I moved to Toronto four years ago, I noticed Lou Dawgs was really awesome at engaging customers and making loyal friends on Twitter , and Alyssa, who wrote for me a couple years ago did a great profile on the owner Daryl who is a bit of a social media don in the city.

Lou Dawgs is celebrating 5 years on King West and in true southern hospitality style, is inviting everyone! The invitation includes free Loutine with the purchase of a Pistonhead Custom Lager, a rib eating contests and live New Orleans Jazz and Blues and Country tunes.

See below for details!


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#4DaysInDubai: Off to Dubai with Turkish Airlines Canada and Le Chateau

About a month ago, a press release landed in my inbox about Canadian retailer Le Chateau expanding internationally and opening a store in the largest mall in Dubai. This news came to me around the exact same time when I was tasked with coming up with an innovative way to promote the fact that Charming Media’s client, Turkish Airlines will be adding another flight from Toronto in April.  Light bulb!


Sometimes things just click. I have been really impressed with how Le Chateau has been utilizing social media to engage with influencers. They have enlisted many social media-ites, myself included, to assist with promoting their wide array of quality footwear products, which you may have noticed I have been doing. After the outstanding success of our past media trip to Turkey with Turkish Airlines, in which we worked with a range of journalists and bloggers from the fashion industry, a trip that resulted in an outstanding 5 million impressions of the #TOtoTurkey hashtag in a five day period, well the numbers don’t lie. Fashion social media peeps know how to give good social.  This is why we decided to send a small group to Dubai via Turkish Airlines to report on the international expansion of the Canadian fashion brand.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.34.45 PM


Combine fashion and a luxury lifestyle travel brand like Turkish Airlines and you have the makings of another incredible trip.

Alongside myself and a representative from Le Chateau, our fashionable guests include Paige Dzenis from Fashion Magazine, Christina Cravero, Fashion Expert from Breakfast Television, Marissa Anwar from and Nicole Wilson from


It has been great to partner up with Ashley from Macintyre Communications who reps Le Chateau. We leave on April 23-April 27! So excited!  Just another reason that I love my job xo

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Off to Phoenix, Arizona

I’ve had it. Have you had it? I can’t even function anymore with this winter. After a very busy few months and with a caring nudge from my business partner who’s been fielding my pale-faced, sunshine-yearning wrath with kindness, I am heading off for a little break for one week, starting this Saturday.


My parents have a couple rental properties in Phoenix so I figured now is as good a time as any to check out them out for the first time, take a little break and sit by a pool and get day drunk with trashy magazines for one full week.  Above is a picture of the pool. You know what I love most about it? There is NO ONE THERE!

It’s also my dad’s 60th birthday so I’ll be celebrating that.

I picked up this little cuties from Le Chateau (got em in black too). They’ve been sitting in my closet dying to come out and play.


Le Chateau also sent over these super cute shades that are most DEFINITELY coming with me.


I need a good book to read by the pool. Any suggestions? See you in a week, lovers.



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Review: Doll Face Spa and One Week of Latisse

With my wedding a mere 9 months away, I have been undergoing a massive beauty overhaul. Hair, lashes, nails, laser hair removal, Venus Freeze treatments from Doll Face spa and more. I’ve recently undergone 4 treatments of Venus Freeze treatment on my butt at Doll Face, but more on that in a different post.

Doll Face Spa is a very cute spa uptown with an incredibly friendly staff that really make me feel very at home. I feel very comfortable putting my butt in their hands, so to speak. So comfortable, in fact, that while the owner, Jamie, was working away one day at my rear end, I asked her about something I have always been very curious about, which is the product that claims to grow your lashes, Latisse.


Look how cute she is

IMG_5220Latisse is actually a small concentrated product of what they use on people who have glaucoma. The patients who were using it discovered that their lashes were growing at an extraordinary rate, so it is now bottled up and sold to hopefuls like me who crave long luscious lashes.

Clare Danes is a fan and I am a sucker for celeb endorsements. So I picked up a bottle at Doll Face and here we are.


Now here’s the thing, and it’s the thing with anything that can offer results: It TAKES TIME. I have learned in my quest for beauty that anything that is worth a damn in the process takes time. This includes treatments like Venus Freeze, laser hair removal, diets, exercise, nail treatment programs and lash programs. There are NO OVERNIGHT fixes short of lipo or falsies.

So I am being patient. Here are my lashes last week when I started the program.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.16.37 PM

I used my iPhoto retoucher to hastily retouch my skin b/c my pores are no one’s business but my own. Actually this photo is pretty decent. My lashes are ok, but they are very brown and I want darker, longer ones.

So here is a week later.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.18.23 PM


No change really. This photo is not nearly as good as the first one because I took it myself and Brody took the first one. I would say, after seven days, we are still the same but the process takes up to 8 weeks to start showing significant signs of change so I shall stick with it and keep you updated. I am really excited. The gals at Doll Face Spa use it as well as do falsies and their eyes are all gorgeous and I can’t wait for the same results!

Have you tried Latisse? What were your results like?

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day and the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto is hosting a spectacular event at Evergreen Brickworks tonight to celebrate!

There will be magicians, arts and crafts, face-painting, food, drinks and a screening of Erin Coraddo’s I Am Not Invisible!

The CN Tower will be lit blue and yellow this evening to celebrate!


Check out this incredible video for expecting parents of children with Down Syndrome!

Happy WDSD, Toronto!



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Happy St. Pat’s – 5 Fun Guinness Facts, Irish Embassy and Union Social

I had an awesome weekend! One of my best gal pals from Ottawa was in town (middle) and we hit up Union Social Eatery at Yonge and St. Clair, where the St. Pat’s Party was in full swing.


Have you been there? It’s a great vibe, awesome wait staff and cutie bartenders (Meagan’s (right)  hubby, Pat works the bar and he’s the best!). The food was also really good. I wish I took pictures of my chicken fingers because they were not like normal chicken fingers. They were made with love. Mmmm I want some now. We were out supporting Guinness in FULL SWING!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.59.07 AM

The night before, Brody and I headed to the Irish Embassy for some irish nachos and, you guessed it, more Guinness


Here’s what’s happening there:


 Five Fun Guinness Facts: 

1- Before 1939, if a Guinness worker wanted to marry a Catholic, he was asked to render his resignation first

2-There is a 9000 year lease on the Guinness Brewery in  St. James’ Gate, Dublin which was signed in 1759

3 – A perfect pint of Guinness should take 119.53 seconds to pour

4-Originally created in 1954 to settle pub disputes, the Guinness Book of World Records was intended to be a marketing giveaway and its success lead to a yearly edition.

5 -850 Million litres of Guinness are sold annually

As I’ve mentioned previously, we are a Guinness household. Brody works for the brand and we both love it!

Drink responsibly and have fun today!

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Spring Make-Up Makeover: Too Faced, Urban Decay and Benefit

If you are like me, the winter has been sucking the soul out of you. When it gets to a certain point in the winter season, I start looking at my face differently, my clothes differently, products differently and my entire home differently. Essentially, I start looking for a change, a sunny shine of hope that spring IS indeed coming.

Unfortunately, the effects of this droning feeling are most likely reflected in my wallet as I start to look for signs of spring in the only places they can really be found: the shopping malls. Spring clothes, spring colors, spring make-up!

Last weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and give my bathroom a makeover as well as my make-up stash. I have been holding on to tubes of lipstick and unused eye shadow palettes for YEARS. Some of them dated back to before Brody and I met, which is now almost at that 5 year mark. I’m always of the mentality that I will use the item someday. I have moved homes and apartments four times in the past 6 years, meaning I’ve been lugging that crap from home base to home base. Time to cut the cord.

I ruthlessly got rid of several pounds of unused and old make up and went to Sephora for an overhaul. Here’s my new faves:


I’m obsessed with Too Faced.

Too Faced is hands down my new favourite brand. It’s cruelty-free which is key and the products are well branded, reasonably priced (well, kind of expensive, but I’m not used to this new world of grown-up makeup so what do I know).

I picked up the following two palettes:

Boudoir Eyes:

g_41011Of course, marketing tactics work here. I picked up this palette not only because I loved the colours, but I thought it would make me feel sexy all the time because of the names of the colors. And guess what. IT DOES! Because I’m a sucker but I’m a sucker  with come-hither eyes so suck it.

Either way, I love a subtly smoky eye and the thing I like about Too Faced palettes is the three look options it provides: Day, Classic, Fashion. The classic look of this palette has become my day to day look. Also, each Too Faced palette comes with an easy to follow instruction manual to create simple, quick looks.

Smokey Eye: 

This is really up my alley. I love greys and silvers that can create a smokey look without going overboard on it. I really like this one again because of the three look options. The classic colours are perfect for a casual night out and have become my weekend go-to.




Beauty Balm:

Again, just the name had me intrigued. For a girl who doesn’t really like wearing foundation every day but still wants a more matted and perfected complexion in no time at all, Too Faced beauty balm is where it’s at.



I like how it’s really light and doesn’t make my skin feel heavy. It is the perfect alternative for heavy foundation in your everyday routine. It adds a subtle glow while perfecting your complexion.

I am very fair so I picked up the Vanilla Glow option. I think this is a good one for the winter months for myself. But then I started to have a panic attack because spring and summer are RIGHT around the corner and what am I going to do with a Vanilla Glow in the SUMMER, like an IDIOT?

Then I realized, I could go buy another, more fitting color for the months when my face has a more natural glow from the sun and all was well within my head again.

Benefit POREfessional:

So Benefit to beauty girls is like crack apparently. I have recently started to dabble and I must admit, the stuff is good. I have the Fake Up Product and the They’re Real mascara . I picked up the POREfessional product because everyone raves about it.

s1259068-main-heroMaybe I’m using it wrong or maybe my pores are beyond all hope because I don’t see too much of a difference. SOME difference, though.

There. That’s the review.

The Panic Purchase: Urban Decay Smoked Palette

I was starting to run out of time at Sephora so quickly grabbed this Urban Decay palette and was kind of upset when I got it home because, upon closer inspection it looks pretty intense to me.

39780_smokedpaletteIt comes with an entire booklet on how to create different smokey looks and as I was flipping through it, I was like, am I THIS smokey of a person? Because to be honest, I don’t know. I like the idea that you can create different types of smokey looks with colors aside from grey and black. So stand by, I promise to give this a real go. I have dabbled in the colors a bit, adding them to other looks and I do like them, but we’ll really have to see if the investment in such a palette was necessary. TBD.

Ok that’s it. I did a make up review. What spring make-up is on your list? SHARE with me. I clearly have no idea what I am doing.



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Do 30 Day Fitness Challenges Really Work?

In the past 30 days, I have done 3295 squats.

The-30-Day-Squat-Challenge-Workout-ProgramI saw someone post the following 30 Day Squat Challenge on Instagram and it really intrigued me. I am pretty ok with my figure, but with my beach wedding a mere 10 months away and my metabolism slowly heading to hell  due to age and my blatant refusal to cut chicken wings and wine out of my life, I have decided to make an strong effort each month leading up to the wedding date to improve my body so its appearance is the last thing I worry about when I am on a beach with all my friends.

As I said, I have a decent enough figure. I can’t complain. But it can be improved. My areas of concern are my thighs and butt.



While I have always been hard on myself, and perhaps a little too much so, I want to feel comfortable with myself. So, the challenge was accepted.

Facebook Status Day 2:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.47.59 PM


Holy. Crap. 50 squats day one. 55 day two. My legs and thighs were screaming. Like SCREAMING. But I persevered. I did. I dreaded it everyday. Also the squat challenge is not for everyone. Unless you have perfect form, it can really do something painful to  your knees. It didn’t bother my knees too much but can see how it would for those who have had knee problems in the past.

Apparently, you can burn up to 70 calories in the short period of time it takes to do the squats. Those calories can really add up over 30 days.

I was working out as well during this time but the regular cardio wasn’t giving me the targeted results I wanted. I found that adding the squats to my work out routine was really a big boost, both in calories burned and thighs and butt fat burn.

While weeks 1 to 3 were really tough, the final week was not so bad, even though the squat count was increasing daily. I finished my last 250 without any stress at all.

The result, my butt is definitely smaller, saddlebags reduced and I’m feeling more confident and sexy in my jeans and pants. I didn’t measure but wish I had because I can really see and feel the results and believe I lost inches.

Does my butt look like Beyonce’s? No. But I can see the results and am happy with them!

Next week, I’m starting the 30 Day Ab Challenge and will take some before and after shots!


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A Few Charming Spring Fashion and Beauty Picks

It’s that time of year when I start to look wistfully at my closet and dreaming about what I will wear on the first day of spring. It’s also the time of year that I start making unpractical shopping purchases just out of wishful  thinking. On Saturday I headed to The Store On Queen online shop and went to where I always go, which is the leggings section where I know I can find Dutch Blonde pants.

I LOVE Dutch Blonde. I have four pairs of the leggings/pants already and every time I wear them, I feel fabulously sexy and cute and fashionable and just confident.

I really stepped out of the box and purchased the Bleeding Heart leggings because obvi my heart is bleeding for spring:



Brody HATES them. He just doesn’t get fun and fashion. He hates all my fun pants until I put them on. Unless he lies then, which is a total possibility.

It’s also the time of year when I become absolutely sick of my salt stained boots and start wanting my flats and heels and cute runners and sandals.

Yesterday I pulled out the brightest, pinked Skechers I have and trotted with them in the snow.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.23.17 AM

I also can’t wait to wear these cute, spiked flats I picked up from Le Chateau! So comfy. Who said flats have to be boring????



Also, SO cool. Did you know that Le Chateau just opened its very first store in Dubai’s largest fashion mall? Isn’t that insane! What a big win for Canadian fashion! Apparently the Made In Canada pieces have been selling out and the store is doing really well! I wonder if there is a trip in my future there……?


I am also OBSESSED with the TRIND spring/summer 2014 Beauty and the Beach Caring Colour nail polish collection!

1621890_746335938712104_423021128_nSO bright and fun and ahhh! Spring, please come!

Trind is one of Charming Media‘s latest clients. The nail polish brand is Europe’s most trusted nail care line and it is making a big splash in North America. I have been using the nail care kit for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference in the strength and shine of my icky nails. The various kits are always great for people to use after a shellac treatment to.

If you want to give the brand a shot, you can get a 50% discount at right now.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.37.47 AM

Give it a go! You will NOT regret it!

Alright, Monday is calling! Have a beautiful week, lovelies!

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